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6 reviews for Glory Balls

  1. Perfect


    Glory balls are really fun to use when you’re in good company. The water got a soft pink-orange color, and the action of the bomb was fun to watch. The scent was perfect nor too sweet or too intense for me. There was a little of residue in the tub after the bath, but it rinsed away with some water.

  2. Perfect


    I really enjoyed my set of Glory Balls. They smell good and leave the water a super modern soft pink color.

  3. Perfect


    I don’t know if I would buy this more for the aesthetic value or the effects on my skin. The smell was great, though it faded away pretty quickly. I will definitely be repurchasing.

  4. Perfect


    A friend gave me a set of Glory Balls as a “feel better” gift and the result was fantastic! Upon dropping one of them into the bathtub, it immediately fizzed into a soft pink swirl. The fragrance was perfect, sensual and relaxing and my skin felt hydrated right away. I didn’t use body wash in the bath or moisturiser afterwards and went directly to bed. The day after, my skin felt amazing.

  5. Perfect


    A bath is not a bath until you drop a Glory Ball.

  6. Perfect


    What a treat! My body felt so soft and sensual… Thank you for such a wonderful product.

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Our glory balls are a hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients which effervesces when wet, used to add essential oils and scent to bathwater. They are an ideal source of moisture rich and skin-regenerating shea butter. A superb natural source of moisturizing Vitamin A, E, and D.

We combine naturally moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and witch hazel, with Mediterranean sea salts that help to relieve dry and itchy skin.

All our glory balls are handmade and packed in the USA.

Don't be shy and get some balls!

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