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Our body wash is at once familiar in its elegant notes and distinctly modern. As its lack of name implies, it is somewhat elusive in character and more readily experienced than articulated. The formulation was inspired by classic beauty, a loving ode to traditional personal care with a modern twist.

House of Senses’ elegant body wash is made with a distinct focus on wellness and quality. It creates an aromatic, silky foam that gives a pure, luxurious clean.

Our rich shower gel has a unique, mysterious scent. It is distressing, seductive, and leaves a gorgeous trace of fragrance. Gently and efficiently cleans and balances skin without the use of hard detergents. House of Senses’ body wash, perfect for bath and shower, is blended to hydrate and rinse free of residue without drying, irritation, or stripping.

Each bottle contains 16 oz of product and which is made and packed in the USA. Suitable for all skin types and perfect for showering or bathing.

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House of Senses

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