How to pick the best body wash?

How to pick the best body wash?


Body washes began with a one-size-fits-all approach, but now they are available in a broad array of choices suited for nearly every taste and skin type. Although it is easy to get lost in an ocean of formulations and promises of impeccable skin, if you want to know what body wash is best for your skin, just follow three simple steps.

1. Look for the right ingredients
When you are buying a body wash, you want to find one that contains ingredients that will help keep your skin refreshed and clean.

The primary function of the body wash formulas is to clean, which means they are made of mostly water and detergent. Surfactants do an excellent job of removing oil and grime from the skin and hair. However, these ingredients can almost work too well, so usually body washes contain some conditioning ingredients to keep skin from dehydrating.

2. Find a scent that suits you
With an increasing variety of scents available, the best one for you when it comes to body wash is the one that fits your purpose and puts you in the right mood. You can choose citrusy ones for summer mornings, musky scents for a sexy feeling, rich amber-woodsy ones at night after a long day, minty ones to wake you up; there are hundreds of possibilities.

3. Lather matters?
The lathering process is simple, and it depends on several factors that can either make or break the soap lathering experience. Body wash’ cleaning agents contain two different types of molecules: some are attracted to water and some others that are attracted to oil. When these molecules and water are combined with friction, foaming occurs.

The friction produces pockets of air, and each of the air pockets become coated by the oil in the body wash. The oil that covers the air bubbles is also attracted to dirt and will trap dirt molecules as it lathers. More lather, less dirt.

Whether you are looking for a fragrance explosion or a layer of moisture, there is shower gel out there for you.

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