A Dip in the Dead Sea

A Dip in the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is a hyper saline lake in Asia; bordering Israel and the West Bank to the West and the East, Jordan. The lake is truly one of Earth’s unique places; 67 kilometers (42 miles) long and 18 kilometers (11 miles) wide at its widest point.

The surface and shores of the sea are 423 m (1,388 ft) below sea level; which makes it the lowest elevation in the planet.

Dead Sea mud is luxuriously rich and creamy, and is filled with glow-enhancing minerals. It is not uncommon that you will see men, women, and children coated with brown mud from head to toe to spend their afternoon in the sun. The salts and minerals found in the Dead Sea revitalize and soothe the skin.

The area is warm all year round, even in the winter, making it a perfect holiday spot. Maximum temperatures are around 86° Fahrenheit (30° C) during winter, and 104° Fahrenheit (40° C) during summer making the Dead Sea the perfect destination for visitors 365 days a year. Most spas have indoor pools, including salt water pools, so even if the weather is a bit cold, you can enjoy the unique qualities of the Dead Sea inside.

The Dead Sea is 377 m (1,237 ft) deep, making it the deepest salt lake in the globe. A hyper saline lake is a landlocked body of water that holds relevant concentrations of sodium chloride and other mineral salts. With 33.7% salinity, around 8.6 times saltier than the ocean, the sea is one of saltiest bodies of water in the world. Due to its unusually high salt concentration, people can easily float in the Dead Sea.

The salinity makes for a challenging environment in which it is tough for animals to develop. The high salinity limits macroscopic aquatic organisms such as algae, aquatic plants, and fish from living in it, though minuscule quantities of microbial fungi and bacteria are present.

Many people visit the Dead Sea for the therapeutic value of its salt water and the mud. Some, experiencing skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and arthritis, have claimed to experience relief after spending time in the Dead Sea.

Besides, the Dead Sea area has become a major center for health research and treatment. The tremendous salinity content of the water, the higher atmospheric pressure at this great depth, the very low content of allergens in the atmosphere and the reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation, each have specific health effects.

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