A Body Wash for Dirty People


A Body Wash for Dirty People

A Body Wash for Dirty People


Although for us, this is much more than a body wash. In its origins, this was the ignition for building a different approach to personal care.

Trying to escape the concept of purity displayed by conventional brands of toiletries, we wanted to offer an alternative. We believe that for some, the best part of getting clean is actually getting dirty.

Getting dirty we create, grow, and learn. The creative process of connecting with oneself awakens, leaving the mundane to find wonders.

It took more than 30 different tests to reach the actual formula that conveniently moisturizes and soothes the skin in the bath or shower leaving it feeling softer, smoother, and healthier looking after just one use. With House of Senses’ body wash, we’re are making it easier to achieve hydrated, healthy-looking skin.

Don’t expect to find flowers or fruits in our body wash, but a delicate and elegant product made with natural ingredients that will let you be the protagonist of your own shower.


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